Summer Skin Care

Sunshine, sand, and boat trips. There’s nothing quite like a South Carolina summer. However, as we enter into the summer months, our skin protection is as important as ever. While the bronzed goddess look is a staple for the beach and pool, the tanning process is actually physical evidence of skin damage. Learn how to keep your skin protected from UVA and UVB rays while spending time outdoors, and how to take care of it once you return inside.

Hydrate!  In the summer heat our sweat glands are working over time, especially in the humid Charleston weather. It is easy to get distracted with activities at hand and not realize just how much water is leaving our body. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids to rehydrate skin cells and flush out toxins from the rest of the body.

SPF your skin. Whether you are heading to the beach with friends or taking your kids to soccer practice, sunscreen is KEY. We often only utilize this skin protectant when we predict our outdoor time to be several hours long. However, sunscreen should be applied daily, no matter the extent of your outdoor activities. Try to use an SPF 30 or higher on the face to increase protection from rays.

Use eye creams and lip protection. The under-eye area of the face is one of the most delicate areas of our body. Sun exposure to this skin will gradually cause thinning, creases, and wrinkles. Use an appropriate cream or balm (with SPF!) for your skin type to hydrate this area and protect it from sun exposure. Make sure to pat this cream on gently, using the ring fingers. The skin on your lips is just as fragile. Use a lip scrub at least twice a week to slough away dead skin, and follow up with a lip cream or chapstick with SPF in it to prevent drying and cracking. Plump lips are prettier!

Never neglect the neck. One of the most important pieces of beauty advice from my mother: Never neglect the neck. The neck is one of the first areas of the body to reveal signs of aging, and oftentimes ladies do not realize this until the damage is done. Continue your moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup down to the neck region during application and make sure it receives the proper attention it deserves. You will thank me later.

Defend your skin with antioxidants. Antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and green tea can assist your skin in reversing sun damage. Utilize serums and creams that list these block boosters in the ingredients section. Or have yourself a glass of iced green tea for lunch!

Exfoliate. Though your skin might not feel dry underneath the sweat (I mean, glisten), exfoliation is needed in the summer just as much as in the winter. Depending on your skin type, exfoliate either 1-2 times a week if you have dry skin and 2-3 times a week if your skin is oily. Shed dead skin buildup from dehydration and heat exposure and rejuvenate your complexion for that summer glow!

Need a little help protecting your skin from the sun? View is open 5 days a week! 

Inquire about our Signature Facial, tailored specifically to your skin’s needs, and don’t miss our unlimited spray tan special for a one-month payment of $100. Visit our website for more details. 

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Mother’s Day Appreciation


Happy Mother’s Day!

Where would we be without our mother’s advice, guidance, and love?

 Take a moment to thank the special ladies in your life this Mother’s Day for the sacrifices they make and blessings they bring as a mother. And don’t forget to show them a little love!

Until May 10th, use the promo code MOM to receive $20 off online gift cards of $80 or more. Gift cards can be applied to all salon and spa services, and nothing says appreciation better than a pedicure and facial!

Visit our website for details and purchase.

And to our beautiful mothers, thank you for the light you bring into this world!

Pre-Wedding Precautions


The seating chart is finalized, you just got off the phone with your mother, and 50 DIY mason-jar candles are sitting in the corner of your living room, perfectly wrapped with burlap ribbon. Phew! With the abundance of pre-wedding tasks and jitters, finding time for your own health and sanity is seemingly impossible. Between sorting through R.S.V.P.s and calling the caterer for the 18th time, schedule some “you” time and avoid these last minute bridal beauty mistakes. You’ll thank us later!

  1. Schedule your manicure and pedicure appointment to take place one or two days before the wedding to avoid chipping and cracking the polish. Make sure to buy a backup bottle of polish for last minute touch ups!
  2. Have your makeup artist do a trial run before the big day. This gives him or her a chance to match foundation and play around with different lip colors with plenty of room for error. Don’t forget to use a foundation that has zero or low SPF in order to avoid the classic “white face” camera flashback. And waterproof mascara is a must!
  3. Haircuts are a little tricky. Grooms should cut their hair a week in advance to dodge both the “fresh cut” look they sported in their 6th grade class picture and the shaggy mop that’s peeping out from under their baseball hat. If it’s a must, brides should cut their hair no later than two weeks in advanced, and color touch ups should be made 10 days in advanced.
  4. Test any new beauty products at least two weeks in advance. This includes make-up, lotions, face creams, or body washes. Let’s stay away from possible allergic reactions within a few days of the wedding, shall we?
  5. If you’re thinking about getting a spray tan or using self tanning lotion, test it out a few months in advance. This will give you time to find a color that doesn’t make you look like a walking carrot.
  6. Experts recommend using a professional to wax or shape your eyebrows. Sometimes we can get a little too carried away with those tweezers!
  7. No chemical peels, laser treatments, or injections any time before the wedding! This will prevent your skin from becoming irritated or puffy.
  8. Limit your alcohol consumption the night before the wedding. One glass of wine is okay, but four fruity cocktails will leave you bloated and dehydrated the morning after.
  9. Stick with safe foods! The day before your wedding is not the time to try the chef’s squash sushi rolls at the rehearsal dinner. Sticking with familiar foods spares you from having a possible allergic reaction to unknown ingredients or food poisoning. Yuck!

Remember that View is here for you! Our full service salon and spa is sure to meet every bridal party necessity from head to toe. Check our website at for mani/pedi package deals, up-do prices, and spray tan specials!

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Protect It, Don’t Neglect It!


Winter. We are in the heart of it. And while South Carolina winters don’t stand a chance against the snowpocalypses of Boston or New York, our bodies still suffer through the chilly temperatures! Low temperatures and harsh winds can have damaging effects on our skin, and it is important that we don’t neglect it. With New Years resolutions well underway and a bustling schedule that keeps you from visiting the salon, try these at-home remedies that are sure to soothe your skin and your mind.

Cuticle Cream | Cuticles, often overlooked, are the gateway to our nails and have a tendency to dry out quickly. Try this simple, DIY cuticle cream that will help moisturize and strengthen one of the most important parts of your fingernails.

Facial Scrub | While it is important to exfoliate dead skin cells to promote new skin growth, exfoliating can sometimes do more harm than good. Gentle exfoliants, like oatmeal, rid your sensitive skin of flakes without abrasion. This home remedy contains only three ingredients and will be the rescue your skin has been thirsting for.

Lip Scrub | Chapped lips: an ailment of the past, present, and future. Though chapped lips occur in all seasons, winter months have the harshest effects. Scrub, moisturize, and plump up your pucker with this all natural lip scrub. And don’t forget to always have chapstick, vaseline, or coconut oil on hand for moisture!

Body Butter | Itchy sweaters are enough to deal with; itchy skin underneath is unfathomable. While most body creams and lotions contain dehydrating chemicals, this organic, Shea-infused body butter will rehydrate your body with a natural touch.

And don’t forget us! Need some pampering? View would love to help you escape the cold and rejuvenate your skin. Try one of our Signature Facials that are perfectly customized to your skin’s needs, or a quick, nourishing paraffin wax hand treatment! Check our website for pricing.  

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Valentine’s Day Pamper Packages


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our beautiful clients!

While a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates screams Valentine’s Day appreciation, View is taking a different approach this year to our favorite Hallmark holiday. Treat yourself before your swanky dinner for two or give your mother a relaxing hot stone aromatherapy massage to show your appreciation. No Valentine’s Day plans scheduled yet? Even better! Grab a few girlfriends and get glamorous for a girls night!

From February 1st to February 15th, View Salon and Spa will be offering these four Valentine’s Day beauty packages that are sure to please any lady:

Forget the Roses…Give Her the Sweet Life!

$100 Gift Certificates only $85

$150 Gift Certificates only $125

The Red Carpet Treatment – $94 

Blow Dry Style

Classic Manicure

Makeup Application

It’s Date Night! – $110 

Manicure or Pedicure

Express Facial

Relaxing Shampoo and Blow Dry Style

Add on a makeup application for only $35! 

Heat Her Up, Cool Her Down $115

A Hot Stone Aromatherapy Massage finished off with a Cool Peppermint Foot Scrub!

To purchase one of the three spa and salon packages, click here. To purchase a discounted gift certificate, click here.  We look forward to seeing you in the salon this February!


View Salon and Spa

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Locally owned and operated by Holly Woodall for eight years, View Salon and Spa has made a positive presence in the James Island community through excellent customer service and appreciation. Holly has been blessed with a supportive staff that has grown to operate as a family and provide clients with a comfortable and professional atmosphere.

Priding itself as a local business, View Salon and Spa has decided to participate in Buy Local Month!

From November 15th to December 15th, clients will receive 20% off all online gift certificates with the code “LOCAL20”.

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The Holy Grail of Nail Care

35965-Essie-Manicure-NailsWith the activities and tasks of every day life filling up our schedule, we frequently put our personal wellness on the bottom of the priority list. When is the last time you got a haircut? Have you slept at least six hours any night this week? And don’t forget about that daily multivitamin!

One area that seems to be neglected the most is nail care. And don’t get us wrong, we know what you’re thinking: “Manicures and pedicures are expensive,” “I don’t have time to sit down and do nothing for an hour,” and so on. However, there are major health benefits to pampering your hands and feet once a month.

Benefits of Manicures

  1. Improved Circulation. Writing, typing, texting, cleaning, driving, exercising. Our hands contribute to almost any task we perform. Hand massages, included in manicures, relieve tension in the muscles and reduce pressure points.
  2. Increased Moisture. Paraffin wax hand treatments power-hydrate the skin and eliminate dry patches and flakiness. Because our hands have so much exposure, it’s important to shield them against the elements and restore the skin surface afterwards.
  3. Fingernail Care. Dirt and grime, hangnails, blisters, and broken and chipped fingernails. Gross. Receiving a manicure rids your hands of infection-causing bacteria and  allows for proper shaping and cleaning of the nails, which leads to healthier nail beds and increased nail growth.
  4. Cuticle Care. Cuticle trimming and moisturizing is vital in overall nail health. Repairing and hydrating the cuticles provides extra strength and protection for the nail matrix.

Benefits of Pedicures

  1. Improved Circulation. Part of the pedicure process includes a soothing foot and leg massage. This procedure improves blood circulation throughout the bottom half of your body, relaxes sore muscles, and helps to relieve pain. The increased circulation in your body also helps to distribute heat throughout the body during winter months. And with the increasing chilly weather, that is a bonus in itself.
  2. Improved Weight Distribution. Removing calluses on the bottom of the feet not only  smooths the skin, but also relieves targeted pressure points. This allows for even weight distribution throughout the foot and minimizes sore-foot syndrome at the end of the day.
  3. Toenail Care. Not everyone’s toenails grow the same way. Technicians are trained to cut and taper nails to correct nail growth and prevent in-grown toenails. They can also spot infections at the start, allowing you to take necessary precautions to prevent spreading. Corns, blisters, and blackened toenails can also be prevented with professional care.
  4. Stress Reliever. Take a moment to erase all pressing thoughts from your mind and take a mental break. Receiving a pedicure allows you to relax for an hour and feel refreshed for an extended period of time afterwards.

Let us put life back into your hands and feet with our affordable manicure and pedicure services. Only $25 for a manicure and $45 for a spa pedicure.

Remember that taking care of your body results in equal care of the mind, positively affecting your energy and attitude!


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Feel the Glow

Hair mask

With the fall season among us, nature’s elements are in full swing, gradually affecting our hair, skin, and overall health. Because your hair is at risk of losing its moisture and weakening at the cuticle, it is important to properly nourish and rehydrate when necessary. These tips, will help you keep your hair moisturized and glowing, even in the dull, cold days ahead.

1. Salon Treatment. Visit a salon to get a once-monthly professional hair mask or hair serum, specially formulated to boost moisture levels in the hair. We have the option of a wonderful keratin smoothing treatment or a conditioning treatment that will leave your hair glowing and easier to style.

2. At-Home Oil Conditioning. If you can’t make it to the salon, use high-quality oils like Moroccan oil, Argan oil, almond oil, or coconut oil. Don’t waste money on the cheap alternative. Most drugstore hair oils are imitations, and only have the benefit of smelling nicely. Oil hair once a month, making sure to gently massage the oil into the scalp using your fingertips.

3. Less washing. Do not wash your hair every day! Allow your hair’s natural oils to accumulate between washes, instead of stripping them every night in the shower. The more you wash your hair, the dryer it becomes. If you have excessive oil in your hair, or are prone to breakouts due to oily skin, try a dry shampoo to soak up the extra oil and eliminate smell.

4. Finger Combing. Try finger combing instead of using a bristly brush. Finger combing allows your hair’s natural oils to be evenly distributed from the roots to the ends, without running the risk of breakage.

5. Minimal Product Use. Hair gels, curl creams, hair sprays, and everything in between are full of chemicals that suck all of the hydrating properties out of your hair. Lessen your use of these extra products, and use a mask conditioner instead on top of your normal conditioner.

6. Fish Oil. Add a once-daily fish oil pill to your vitamin regimen. Don’t have a vitamin regimen? Start one with this beneficial supplement! Fish oils provide Omega-3 fatty acids that restore moisture in your hair, nails, and skin.

7. Water. Drink water! Yeah, yeah, it sounds obvious, but something as simple as getting your recommended 9 cups a day (for women) can dramatically increase the health of your hair and your overall health as well.

8. Go Clean. Many shampoos and conditioners have harmful chemicals, just like the extra hair products we use. Try a shampoo and conditioner combination free of sulfates or dyes that uses organic ingredients instead, such as avocado oil or shea butter.

9. Give it a break. If your hair is excessively brittle from dryness, abstain from coloring or hi-lighting it for at least six months. This allows the hair to repair itself over time and build the cuticle back up to its original strength.

10. View. And don’t forget, we would love to have a consultation with you! If you’re unsure of the best remedy to your hair issue, swing by the salon and let us help you find it. From our specialty treatments, to tips that you can try at home, we are always an advocate for luscious locks, even in the colder months!


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The Complexity of Our Complexion

Every lady, no matter the age, is in search for the perfect complexion. Washes, toners, creams, gels, serums. With so many products available on the market, and so many skin care lines promising to diminish our fine lines and fill our pores, finding the right product catered to our specific skin type is a challenge. Furthermore, these over-the-counter remedies aren’t the only ways to keep our skin glowing. Spa facials are a healthy boost to our skin’s immunity, and a service all individuals, both male (yes, male!) and females should consider.

Using this list of the five most common skin types from, identify your own skin type and determine what your face might be yearning for– hydration, extraction, exfoliation, and much more! Our professional estheticians and array of spa facials at View Salon are customized for your face, whether it be dry, oily, combination, sensitive, or aging. Book a skincare appointment today and see what a little tender care to your complexion can do!


Five Skin Types*



– Overproduction of oil

– Oil attracts dead skin cells, makeup, environmental pollution, etc. leading to clogged pores

– Oil can eventually harden inside pores and lead to total congestion

What you need: Facials that use chemical exfoliants, such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid, and extraction of blackheads and white heads (congested oil in pores) by a professional!


– Lack of lipids in skin cells

– Skin cell build up due to lack of natural exfoliation

What you need: Facials that include a mask component; The mask layer pushes nutrients and hydration into the depths of the pores. Also look for treatments that gently exfoliate the dead skin cell build up on the surface, allowing new cells to emerge.


– Mix of both oily and dry skin

– Oily skin tends to be in the T-zone area of the face (forehead and nose)

What you need: Exfoliating facials such as microdermabrasion (for dry areas), as well as extractions (for oily, clogged areas)


– Easily irritated

– Prone to outbreaks

What you need: A facial that exfoliates dead skin cells using enzymes, which are less irritating than chemical exfoliants and more gentle on your skin’s delicate surface.


– Can be a combination of dry, oily, dehydrated, acne-prone, etc.

– Circulation and cell production slows down

– Usually starts around mid thirties

What you need: A facial specialized to your skin, whether it is predominately oily or dry, and a treatment filled with antioxidants and hydrating properties that bring life back into the skin cells. 





*All information courtesy of

Meet Maureen Donohue

MaureeneditedMaureen began her career in the Mind/Body field over a decade ago. She first experienced Reiki in the late 90’s, looking for alternative pain relief from a serious tendon accident that required surgery and 6 months of rehab. ‘Although I didn’t really feel much during those early sessions, something about the Reiki keep me coming back. About 9 months after the initial treatments I went to a Reiki clinic and settled in for a session. I had a complete out of body experience; I went into a deep and peaceful meditative state, the treatment stayed with me for days, it was a blissful feeling.’
I knew my ‘second career’ would be working with people. I became a Usui Level I Reiki Practitioner in 2001 and since massage was a natural platform from which I could give Reiki treatments, I attended Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in Charleston, SC and graduated in 2002. I subsequently took my Reiki Levels II, III and Master/Teacher training.
Maureen Donohue is both a South Carolina licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. She is a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher and Paramita Path Level III Practitioner. Maureen began teaching Reiki classes throughout the Southeast in 2006 and became approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Provider (#451500-10) for Reiki Level I, II and III classes in 2010. Maureen is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.
Bodhi Tree Charleston developed out of a desire to specialize in client focused, heart-centered, therapeutic Reiki and massage. Maureen has been in private practice since 2003. She welcomes people from all walks of life, everyone from first timers to the well seasoned client. From the moment you are greeted, her goal is to make you feel comfortable, answer all your questions and meet your treatment goals.
Maureen is thrilled to be a part of the team in her new location in View Salon & Spa, 792 – C Folly Rd James Island 29412! Maureen offers a wide variety of services, treatments and classes. She backs up her passion for what she does by an ongoing commitment to continuing education within the field.

Maureen Donohue