Pre-Wedding Precautions


The seating chart is finalized, you just got off the phone with your mother, and 50 DIY mason-jar candles are sitting in the corner of your living room, perfectly wrapped with burlap ribbon. Phew! With the abundance of pre-wedding tasks and jitters, finding time for your own health and sanity is seemingly impossible. Between sorting through R.S.V.P.s and calling the caterer for the 18th time, schedule some “you” time and avoid these last minute bridal beauty mistakes. You’ll thank us later!

  1. Schedule your manicure and pedicure appointment to take place one or two days before the wedding to avoid chipping and cracking the polish. Make sure to buy a backup bottle of polish for last minute touch ups!
  2. Have your makeup artist do a trial run before the big day. This gives him or her a chance to match foundation and play around with different lip colors with plenty of room for error. Don’t forget to use a foundation that has zero or low SPF in order to avoid the classic “white face” camera flashback. And waterproof mascara is a must!
  3. Haircuts are a little tricky. Grooms should cut their hair a week in advance to dodge both the “fresh cut” look they sported in their 6th grade class picture and the shaggy mop that’s peeping out from under their baseball hat. If it’s a must, brides should cut their hair no later than two weeks in advanced, and color touch ups should be made 10 days in advanced.
  4. Test any new beauty products at least two weeks in advance. This includes make-up, lotions, face creams, or body washes. Let’s stay away from possible allergic reactions within a few days of the wedding, shall we?
  5. If you’re thinking about getting a spray tan or using self tanning lotion, test it out a few months in advance. This will give you time to find a color that doesn’t make you look like a walking carrot.
  6. Experts recommend using a professional to wax or shape your eyebrows. Sometimes we can get a little too carried away with those tweezers!
  7. No chemical peels, laser treatments, or injections any time before the wedding! This will prevent your skin from becoming irritated or puffy.
  8. Limit your alcohol consumption the night before the wedding. One glass of wine is okay, but four fruity cocktails will leave you bloated and dehydrated the morning after.
  9. Stick with safe foods! The day before your wedding is not the time to try the chef’s squash sushi rolls at the rehearsal dinner. Sticking with familiar foods spares you from having a possible allergic reaction to unknown ingredients or food poisoning. Yuck!

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