Protect It, Don’t Neglect It!


Winter. We are in the heart of it. And while South Carolina winters don’t stand a chance against the snowpocalypses of Boston or New York, our bodies still suffer through the chilly temperatures! Low temperatures and harsh winds can have damaging effects on our skin, and it is important that we don’t neglect it. With New Years resolutions well underway and a bustling schedule that keeps you from visiting the salon, try these at-home remedies that are sure to soothe your skin and your mind.

Cuticle Cream | Cuticles, often overlooked, are the gateway to our nails and have a tendency to dry out quickly. Try this simple, DIY cuticle cream that will help moisturize and strengthen one of the most important parts of your fingernails.

Facial Scrub | While it is important to exfoliate dead skin cells to promote new skin growth, exfoliating can sometimes do more harm than good. Gentle exfoliants, like oatmeal, rid your sensitive skin of flakes without abrasion. This home remedy contains only three ingredients and will be the rescue your skin has been thirsting for.

Lip Scrub | Chapped lips: an ailment of the past, present, and future. Though chapped lips occur in all seasons, winter months have the harshest effects. Scrub, moisturize, and plump up your pucker with this all natural lip scrub. And don’t forget to always have chapstick, vaseline, or coconut oil on hand for moisture!

Body Butter | Itchy sweaters are enough to deal with; itchy skin underneath is unfathomable. While most body creams and lotions contain dehydrating chemicals, this organic, Shea-infused body butter will rehydrate your body with a natural touch.

And don’t forget us! Need some pampering? View would love to help you escape the cold and rejuvenate your skin. Try one of our Signature Facials that are perfectly customized to your skin’s needs, or a quick, nourishing paraffin wax hand treatment! Check our website for pricing.  

*All DIY recipes gathered from

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