The Holy Grail of Nail Care

35965-Essie-Manicure-NailsWith the activities and tasks of every day life filling up our schedule, we frequently put our personal wellness on the bottom of the priority list. When is the last time you got a haircut? Have you slept at least six hours any night this week? And don’t forget about that daily multivitamin!

One area that seems to be neglected the most is nail care. And don’t get us wrong, we know what you’re thinking: “Manicures and pedicures are expensive,” “I don’t have time to sit down and do nothing for an hour,” and so on. However, there are major health benefits to pampering your hands and feet once a month.

Benefits of Manicures

  1. Improved Circulation. Writing, typing, texting, cleaning, driving, exercising. Our hands contribute to almost any task we perform. Hand massages, included in manicures, relieve tension in the muscles and reduce pressure points.
  2. Increased Moisture. Paraffin wax hand treatments power-hydrate the skin and eliminate dry patches and flakiness. Because our hands have so much exposure, it’s important to shield them against the elements and restore the skin surface afterwards.
  3. Fingernail Care. Dirt and grime, hangnails, blisters, and broken and chipped fingernails. Gross. Receiving a manicure rids your hands of infection-causing bacteria and  allows for proper shaping and cleaning of the nails, which leads to healthier nail beds and increased nail growth.
  4. Cuticle Care. Cuticle trimming and moisturizing is vital in overall nail health. Repairing and hydrating the cuticles provides extra strength and protection for the nail matrix.

Benefits of Pedicures

  1. Improved Circulation. Part of the pedicure process includes a soothing foot and leg massage. This procedure improves blood circulation throughout the bottom half of your body, relaxes sore muscles, and helps to relieve pain. The increased circulation in your body also helps to distribute heat throughout the body during winter months. And with the increasing chilly weather, that is a bonus in itself.
  2. Improved Weight Distribution. Removing calluses on the bottom of the feet not only  smooths the skin, but also relieves targeted pressure points. This allows for even weight distribution throughout the foot and minimizes sore-foot syndrome at the end of the day.
  3. Toenail Care. Not everyone’s toenails grow the same way. Technicians are trained to cut and taper nails to correct nail growth and prevent in-grown toenails. They can also spot infections at the start, allowing you to take necessary precautions to prevent spreading. Corns, blisters, and blackened toenails can also be prevented with professional care.
  4. Stress Reliever. Take a moment to erase all pressing thoughts from your mind and take a mental break. Receiving a pedicure allows you to relax for an hour and feel refreshed for an extended period of time afterwards.

Let us put life back into your hands and feet with our affordable manicure and pedicure services. Only $25 for a manicure and $45 for a spa pedicure.

Remember that taking care of your body results in equal care of the mind, positively affecting your energy and attitude!


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